Welcome to The Briggs Institute, Inc., an expansion of the private practice of J. Gregory Briggs, Ph.D., LMFT.

This private practice is unlike most others.

The therapists at the Institute are graduates of Lipscomb University's Master of Marriage and Family Therapy Program, which is considered one of the best programs in Tennessee. The Lipscomb MFT program has earned this reputation by meeting the highest academic standards in the country (COAMFTE Accreditation Standards) and by holding its graduates to a much higher clinical experience standard than the state requires and one that is far greater than other high quality therapy and counseling master's degree programs in Nashville.

Because the therapists at the Institute practice under the mentoring and supervision of Dr. Briggs, Dr. Chris Gonzalez, and Dr. Dave Morgan, the three core faculty members of Lipscomb's MFT program, they remain connected to academia. This means that their work with clients is informed by state-of-the-art scientific research that most private practice therapists can't easily access.

Therapists at the Institute provide high quality mental health and relationship care services at a price that is well below that of many other private practices. They are able to do this because they provide services under the umbrella of their supervisors' licenses and do not have to meet the same overhead costs as other therapists. With a sliding fee scale from $60 to $95 per session depending on client income, therapy at the Institute is an exceptional value.